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Re: SV: [IPk] fast-acting insulins

> Hi
> I've been told by the consultant and by the DSN that Humalog and
> Novorapid 
>  worked at exactly the same rate. But this was not the case for me.
>  I reported
> it
> to the DSN and she said they had a number of people reporting the
> same reaction. The consultant agreed, too, when I told him last
> month. So, I'd say there's something a bit awry. Why does it work
> for some and not others? Just curious. Helen

Neither Humalog nor Novolog/Novorapid are true insulins. The B chain 
of each has had its molecular structure mucked with and that is what 
makes it absorb faster. At the same time it appears that some 
peoples' bodies are able to  detect that difference and treat the 
molecule differently that is expected for the general popluace. 
Usually the differences are small, but on occasion there are fairly 
large discrepancies. There are several individuals I know of that get 
basically the same response curve from one of the insulin analogs 
that they do with regular insulin. Fortunately for them, only one of 
the two available fast-acting insulins behaves in this manner for 
them. It is interesting that these kinds of reports come for both 
insulin analogs. There is no good, reliable or quantitive analysis of 
these reactions/reports so its difficult to draw conclusions other 
than to say that it's not out of the ordinary to see this sort of 

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