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RE: [IPk] Yesterdays Hypo

Hi Di

Oh dear, I nearly typed your name wrong then.  Nearly put Diane!!!

 We did actually give her lucozade at the beginning of the seizure, while she
could still swallow, but it
 was just too late. I did think about sending some Lucozade, in a smaller
plastic bottle, to gym, as I
 thought that she might drink the whole bottle!! But she said it would be easier
to have small party
 sized cans of coke which are about 15 carbs. I might send Lucozade next week in
a smaller bottle,
 clearly marked. Or I could let her have a large can of coke to sip during the
time. The last few times
 she has got through a bottle of water. So if I replaced this with coke it might
just do the trick.

Ill let you know what happens.

 Remember when I asked you before about Sasha going low, when she did gym on
Fridays just after her
 evening meal and injection. Well I took your advice and gave her half the
amount of Novorapid that she
 would normally have with that sized meal and it worked really well. Now she is
doing gym just on Sundays
 but for twice as long we have to think again. I find its always worse doing
exercise in the morning as
 the insulin is working strongest then. Even with a decrease in the Novorapid
its not enough. I am
 worried about decreasing the insulatard too much, if I do that I wonder whether
it will cause problems
 later in the day. Sasha has been injecting at Novorapid at lunchtime now most
days. She didn't on
 Sunday however. Well I will have to see how things go next week and get her to
test twice at gym instead
of once.  Though we do test before and after gym.


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> Hi Jackie
> Have you tried Sasha with Lucozade rather than Coke? I find it is much
> faster in case of a hypo because it's glucose rather than sugar. One thing
> to be aware of is that the top is really hard to undo the first time you
> open it (which is a problem when you're hypo!) so it's worth undoing the top
> and reclosing it prior to using it, if you see what I mean.
> Di
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