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Re: [IPk] Yesterdays Hypo

Sorry to hear about the hypo. I've had a few bad ones in my time, including 
one screaming just after I first got married. Hubby couldn't calm me and the 
lucozade couldn't work fast enough. All I can remember is that I did not 
 recognise him at all. I felt absolutely terrified and thought there was a
 person trying to attack me. He was trying to get me to drink/take
but everytime he come near me it set me off. In the end, after I'd calmed 
 down and realised what had happened, someone (a neighbour) had called the
as they obviously thought I was being murdered! They came and asked me a 
barrage of questions then went away sort of satisfied with the explanation. It 
 shook me up a lot. I was more embarrassed than anything. Thankfully this type
hypo never happened again.
I test regularly and can only say that before/during/after exercise then 
 test, test, test. BG's can fluctuate greatly during this time. I'd err on the
side. I understand that some people don't like lucozade! I tend to use it a 
lot, but other things that work well are the hypostop gels (available in 
 different flavours I think). A friend uses these for her young son who won't
fizzy drinks. (But I hate them)! They are available on prescription or in the 
sports/medicines sections of supermarkets. There is also something called 
 hi-cal (a long time since I've seen this but it used to be available in
and on prescription). Lucozade sport isn't so good as it has a much lower carb 
Glucagon makes me throw up something awful (a side effect that isn't widely 
 published but your doc/pharmacist will tell you if you ask) and I actually feel
really ill for the day after. But this of course isn't helped by the after 
effects of a bad hypo. Eating is sooo difficult when you feel like this. 
Hope things improve. 
Best wishes
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