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Re: SV: [IPk] fast-acting insulins

I use a pump but it takes a long time from bolusing to the insulin 
(humalog) working. It's the same with exercise - I have to decrease my 
basal rates over an hour before exercise. I was quite suprised actually as 
humalog injected when I was on injections frequently beat my food at meal 
times so I had to inject after I had eaten. Does that make sense? I've 
tried changing my infusion site from my tummy to buttocks but get the same 
effect in both places (I have some scarring on my tummy from injecting, but 
have never injected in my buttocks so can't have scarring there, although 
it is a more slowly absorbing site anyway I think). Sorry for the 
confusion, Sarah

On Jun 30 2003, Pat Reynolds wrote:

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> Hi Ishtar  and Sarah,
> Don't you mean Humalin (like Insulatard, peaking in around 8 - 14
> hours), not Humalog (peaking in around 2 hours)?  
> I don't think there is anything faster than Humalog, so all you can do
> is the things which speed up absorption: inject into the stomach,
> avoiding any possible area of scarring (I use the sides of  my stomach
> which are too thin to take a pump set).
> Do you also have a slow digestion (i.e. does Humalog normally cover your
> food so you have a nice flat line)?  If it doesn't, and you normally
> digest food more quickly than Humalog can cope with, and so have to
> inject before eating to get a flat line, or see a peak after eating (if
> you avoid a hypo before the Humalog has all been used), then you could
> always try eating a snack after you see the start of the descent, which
> would counter the effect of the additional insulin taken on the hour.
> I'm like you: Humalog is too slow for me - or rather, it is too slow if
> I eat healthy food - if have a lot of fat or protein in a meal, it's
> ideal!
> Best wishes,
> Pat
> (dm 30+, 508 2+)
> In message <000001c33ee5$9dda53f0$email @ redacted>, Ishtar Polite
> Siljemark <email @ redacted> writes
> >"Does anyone have any experience of changing fast-acting insulins? 
> >Thanks, Sarah IDDM 7yrs, Minimed pumper 6months"
> >
> >A year ago or so I switched from Humalog to Insulatard. I noticed no
> >difference!
> >//
> >Ishtar IDDM 25+, MM508 4 months, MM Paradigm 3 weeks.
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