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Re: SV: [IPk] fast-acting insulins

> Sadly,  I've now been told by two Novorapid users that their DM
> teams say that Novorapid is faster than Humalog (the manufacturers
> claim it is as fast, I believe, and practice says 'as fast, or
> perhaps a bit slower, but not as slow as Actrapid (Regular).
> One of those two would benefit from a faster insulin, and asked
> about Humalog, but was told it was no faster than Actrapid!
> Best wishes to all,

The action time of either of the insulin-analogs is somewhat 
dependent on the user. There are varying reports from quite a few 
people that indicate longer / shorter action times when switching 
from one to the other as well as reports of no difference whatsoever. 
A number of these reports are from individuals that have participated 
in the trials for Novolog/Novorapid and are or were Humalog users and 
I would consider their comments to be reliable and unbiased. As 
always, YMMV.

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