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Re: [IPk] Yesterdays Hypo

hi jackie, sorry the hypo  was such a horrible ordeal for everyone, my
sisters on occasions have seen me fitting and having a severe hypo when we
were children but i dont think it has efected them long term , my little boy
found me having a bad hypo when his brother was a few weeks old, he was
nearly2 and was screaming for me to wake must have been very frightening for
him but it hasnt lasted. i agree totally with di, i hate lucazade but is an
absolute life saver for me it works nearly instantly, far quicker than coke,
as i worry about going hypo when alone with my 3 boys who are only 5, 3 and
17 months i make sure that i have the small bottles of lucazade dotted
everywhere around the house, when i started going to a toddler group my now
frien d and her sister used to call me the lucazade lady as i always had a
bottle!! she now knows why.any hypos i had as a child never really bothered
me as i didnt remember anything it was my poor mum that had to watch me fit,
froth at the mouth and scream ,but apart from initially feeling dreadful
after with migrane, sick and drained they didnt bother me much, of course
now ihave my own kids to care for im terrified of going hypo so  i do
everything to ensure that i never do even if it means testing my sugar every
15 mins at times.
im sure sasha will be fine and let the diabetes be part of her rather than
rule her life.
   love gail type 1 22 years. since 6 years old.

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Subject: [IPk] Yesterdays Hypo

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Hi All

Thanks for all the emails sent in support. Its really good to talk to people
who understand and know
what you're going though. I have to apologise for not responding to all the
emails individually as had
so many.

Sasha started having tummy ache and vomiting about 2 hours after the
So she didn't want any
evening meal!!! She was very distressed and kept saying how much she hated
having diabetes. I was also
upset to see how badly Beckie was effected by Sasha's hypo. It was pretty
dramatic by all accounts!!
At one point when the colour had come back to Sasha's cheeks Beckie looked
worse. She looked
shocked and grey. She was very tearfully and had been worried that Sasha
die. I managed to find
something in the top of my wardrobe for the twins to play with, cardboard
dressing up dolls, and that
distracted Sasha for long enough until she felt better. I always buy and
keep a
few little toys or books
for emergencies. Sasha did eventually have some tea later and I reduced the
Novorapid and Insulatard
and her levels ran between 10 - 8 mmols through the night. I reduced this
mornings dose from what I
would usually give her. She rang me at 12.10pm lunch time and her BG is 14
mmols which is high for
lunchtime. She has an insulin pen at school now so she can take some insulin
with lunch.

This week was the forth week of gym. The first time we reduced the insulin
Sasha ended up 18mmols by the
12.00 break, the next times she had dropped too low for my liking, but not
hypo. Only once the BG was
at an acceptable level. It wasn't too bad yesterday, but there were a series
things that contributed
to ending up with a the bad hypo. The day before there was a Fun Day and BBQ
organised on the green
outside our house and the twins were on a bouncy castle for hours. Though
overnight BG reading
weren't too bad but she was only 4 mmols on waking. We let Sasha take the
mobile phone with her to gym
to phone us with her numbers, but when she tried to phone us my 15 year old
come in ( stayed at
friends overnight) without saying Hi, like 15 year olds do, and had rung up
friend she had just come
from!!! like they do, and so Sasha couldn't get through. She tried ringing
mobile but that was
downstairs so I didn't hear it. When Sasha got through later she has already
gone a bit low already but
was drinking a can non diet coke. I was trying to tell her to eat all the
snacks in her box but we got
cut off. I thought that she would be OK as she had a can of coke, but she
didn't feel that hungry and
only ate her crisps and didn't eat her other fruit bar. When she got home,
because Terry was away, I
had to cook some lunch. The twins have bread everyday during the week so I
cooked some oven chips. She
was 4.3 mmol before the chips and went hypo without any noticeable warning
signs about half an hour to
an hour after this. I didn't give her any insulin with the chips either. We
shall probably end up
staying for gym for a while, as I just don't know how the gym coach, who is
already worried about having
to cope with hypos would cope with something like Sundays episode.

I think I may have to give Sasha a normal sized can of coke to sip all
the session as well as
reducing the insulin. I have phone up our D nurse but she is not there at

Jackie Jacombs
email @ redacted
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