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[IPk] fast-acting insulins

Just a quick question for you all. I have become fairly convinced that from 
putting in a bolus to my BG starting to drop when I need to give a 
correction bolus takes about 1hr15mins. Obviously this is longer than the 
1hour later recommended testing time, so I test and my BG is exactly what 
it was an hour previously. I usually bottle out of waiting the extra 15mins 
and bolus some more, then go hypo an hour or so later (writing this I feel 
really really stupid - I know I should just wait another 15mins!). Anyhow, 
I just wondered whether there were any insulins that work faster than 
humalog? Does anyone have any experience of changing fast-acting insulins? 
Thanks, Sarah IDDM 7yrs, Minimed pumper 6months
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