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Re: [IPk] Bad Hypo 999

Hi Jackie
My experience is the same. If I'm going to have a really bad hypo, it will
be some time AFTER the exercise has finished (for some reason my warning
signs tend to be less obvious then too).  So you probably just need to watch
her carefully after this kind of intense exercise and give her more carbs
and /or less insulin than you would normally. After any activity lasting
more than a few hours, this happens to me and I try to remember to eat more
carbs and/or take less insulin. Last Sunday we went to the pub after playing
softball all day. By the time I got home at midnight I'd had a few drinks
and my BG was slightly low (around 3.5) though I felt fine. I had some chips
and a hot chocolate (full sugar kind) with no insulin (around 45g carb in
total) and went to bed, and my  BG was still only 2.5 when I woke up the
next morning.
But don't give up on the gym - as other people have said, test regularly
afterwards and err on the side of too much carbs for the next few times
until you have a better idea of what will happen.
This kind of thing happened to my dad when he was put on beta blockers and
he would do gardening all afternoon and then collapse because he lost his
hypo warning signs with the beta blockers. Very scary, but we learnt to deal
with it until he came off the betablockers and got back his warning signs.

Glad Sasha is OK.
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