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Re: [IPk] Bad Hypo 999

hi, i agree with melissa and think the answer to this is to test very
frquently after gym as i do after any exercise as it makes bgs very
unpredictable. im on mdi but i imagine that even if on a pump the testing
would be essential after unusual amounts of exercise, i know that when i
have done a lot of exercise my insulin requirements drop  and its some hours
before they settle. i know that for me if i had exercised as much as sasha
and my bg was 4. something then i may quite probably still go hypo after a
portion of chips, i find pasta much better for sustaining my bgs personally,
and although i try to keep my bgs as good as poss with looking after 3
children i test very often especially after exercise. please dont stop sasha
from doing these activities she enjoys and which are so good for her fitness
just test more often after and then hypos can be prevented.
  love gail type 1 22 years.
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Date: 29 June 2003 16:05:31
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Subject: [IPk] Bad Hypo 999

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Sasha had a major hypo and seizure this afternoon and I had to call the 999.
had just come back from
Gym, she is in a special training class now and the class lasts two and a
hours. She has been going
to this training class for three weeks. The other weeks we have stayed with
to see how things went.
The first week we dropped the insulin dose and she ended up at 18 mmols the
next week we still gave a
reduced dose and she was a bit low. This week I dropped the dose again and
her more to eat. She
was OK when she got home and her BG was 4.3 mmol, I didn't give her any
insulin with lunch and the
twins had a portion of chips to eat. I was busy preparing veg for tonight
when she came and stood
next to me without speaking. I wondered what she wanted, but I was very busy
because Terry is away this
weekend cycling. Then she just started screaming and screaming it was really
scary. Beckie was
terrified because Sashay was hallucinating and it was as if she could she
something really horrible. I
got Sashay to drink Lemonade but she still carried on being distressed and
violently jerking. She was
saying "Oh my god Oh my god help me" over and over. Making this terrifying
screaming and wailing noise.
I then got out the glucagons and injected half the amount. It's so difficult
mix and draw up when
your panicking. I usually try and use a small disposable syringe to inject
with, instead of the huge
needle it comes with. It's very hard to inject when someone is thrashing
around. The big needle is very
hard to push in. She still didn't stop fitting and screaming and Becky was
crying and panicking too.
I injected the rest but still she wasn't coming out of it. I had to call the
ambulance because although
we live near the hospital I didn't think that I could actually drive with
fitting in the car. Of
course by the time the paramedic came she was coming out of it. She has only
had a couple of major hypos
in the day before. Most serious ones have been when she is asleep before.
must have been too low
this morning to notice that she was going lower still. I am now wondering
whether she will still be
able to actually carry on going to gym as I am certain that Dave, the gym
couldn't cope with this
mornings do! he certainly wouldn't be able to give the glucagon . It was
after she had
actually eaten too so I was surprised that this happen.

The ambulance man was really nice and made a fuss of the twins. We didn't
to go to hospital as by
this time her BG had come up to 6 mmols

This sort of situation is where if we had an insulin pump things could have
been much better. I really
don't know what to do about gym now.


Jackie Jacombs
email @ redacted
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