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Re: [IPk] Bad Hypo 999

Hi Melissa

Glucogen can be given subcutaneously or intra-muscular. I prefer the 
subcutaneous route, as I found the intra-muscular route can be a bit painful.

The reason for the size of the needle is in part to allow intra-muscular 
injections but also to allow the "mixture" to flow out of the syringe with 
relative ease. Finer needles could lead to a blockage if the powder and the 
water have been mixed together properly.

Kind regards


>Hi Jackie,
>How awful not only for you and Sasha, but for your whole family. I can 
>think of only two things to say:
>--Glucagon comes with that awful needle because it is intended to be 
>injected straight into muscle, not into subcutaneous fatty tissue as is 

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