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Re: [IPk] Bad Hypo 999

In a message dated 6/29/2003 5:25:49 PM GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Sasha could have still had such a terrible hypo if she'd been on a pump. 
> The key to preventing bad hypos during extended exercise is to test 
> frequently. If she wants to do the gym class again, testing every 20-30 
> minutes, with a bottle of Lucozade on-hand from which she could take a few 
> sips at a time in case she's below 5 at any point, might be a good tactic.
Hi Jackie, and Melissa,

Melissa - agree with your point, but Sasha seems to be having very irregular 
responses to exercise (does make me wonder if she needs the fine tuning and 
tailoring that pumping can provide as opposed to "blunderbuss" doses).

I believe that taking part in classes like this is something that kids should 
be able to do as a right, not a luxury - particularly in these days of "couch 
potato" kids who will almost certainly have health problems as adults.  
 Jackie, this would give ammunition to your arguments for a pump for Sasha :-
she is
carrying out "normal activities" but has needed third party intervention; 
 also (if I recall correctly) her HbA1cs are OK but she is having big bg swings.
Have you tried glargine? - this will crop up, if it hasn't already...

Best wishes,

IDDM 30+ yrs, 508 heading towards 3 yrs and loving it...
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