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Re: [IPk] Surgery - BG's and Stress

Hi Steven
Glad it went OK. I would guess that your *body* found it stressful even if you 
didn't! Which is the same kind of thing as I get when playing in sports 
competitions - I don't feel stressed but my body does.
What's more interesting is that your BG went down rather than up. Is that 
normal for you under stress?

On Tuesday 24 Jun 2003 3:27 pm, you wrote:
> Hi All
> I have just come back from day surgery, to have some very minor lumps
> removed under local anesthetic - all very minor stuff.
> Arrived at the hospital, checked in and then my measured BG, which was 3.7,
> so had something to eat and I then turned the basal rate down to 20% of
> normal - so a fairly significant reduction. Had to sit around for about an
> hour and the op lasted about 30 minutes.
> Came out checked my BG and it was down to 2.5, which I couldn't believe.
> Such a significant reduction in my basal rates should have put my in the
> low 10's or higher, particularly as I was sat around for an hour doing
> nothing.
> I didn't think I was stressed, it was all pretty routine stuff and I wasn't
> worried about the op or the outcome. The hospital staff were all very good,
> friendly with a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere and they knew about
> diabetes but not to much about pumps but that wasn't a problem - as they
> said carry on as normal.
> So I guess I must have been more stressed/worried/something to have kept my
> BG' so low - strange.
> Steven
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