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Re: [IPk] adrenalin and high BGs

Hi John
Your experience seems to mirror Michael's suggestion. Luckily the advantage of 
softball and competitive dancing is that you generally get a lot of breaks 
where it's possible to test and adjust!
I find the same thing with adrenalin - I no longer show symptoms of stress 
such as racing pulse, but obviously my body still thinks it's stressed no 
matter how calm I am feeling!

> Di - I can offer no solutions - only sympathy! You will know I'm sure I
> earn some of my income as an oratorio soloist. Standing up in front of a
> few thousand people and singing a big aria is fairly high pressure stuff,
> and the adrenalin certainly flows. Checking my BG at the front of the stage
> is not always practical, and having a "good" BG is essential to singing
> well: the strength of my voice is one of the first things to go if I'm
> mildly hypo, and a high BG makes my throat dry. I find that a square meal
> and normal insulin sets me up best for a decent concert (and a square meal
> is sometimes quite hard to come by at 6.30pm on a Saturday in Oldham!). My
> general opinion of adrenalin is that it does funny things to my BG -
> sometimes up, sometimes down. I can't always predict. The rush of adrenalin
> is essential to a good performance - in sports, the arts, company
> presentations, whatever - but I've found that as the years have gone by it
> no longer causes my pulse to race and my throat to dry, as it may have done
> in the early days.
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