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Re: [IPk] high BGs, ketones etc very long

I had a batch of bad sets recently: most came out 'bent' - worked fine
if a large bolus (over 2 units) was going in, but the hour-by-hour
trickle and little boluses was v. slow. Seemed fine for the first 24 hrs
after use, but then 'went'.

The problem which many of us seem to have of having decreased
sensitivity at even quite low 'highs' means that highs can throw us off
course just as badly as lows ... I've decided as a result not to trust
any measurement for 24 hrs after anything over 14, just as I don't trust
anything for 24 hrs after anything below 4 (by 'don't trust' I mean
'don't think I'm spotting a pattern', I do of course trust that the
meter is telling me the right bg, and bolus or eat glucose tabs or do
nothing as a result, as per usual.

Best wishes to all,


In message <email @ redacted>, R C
Martin <email @ redacted> writes
>Mary et al,
>FWIW one of the 4 batches if humalog I tried when attempting to reduce my
>recent hyperglycemia I returned to the pharmacist who returned it to Lilly
>who sent it back to France (place of manufacture) for testing.  This was a
>few weeks ago and no reply back yet.
>In case anyone is thinking of going this route, a word of warning:  Lilly
>will phone you and ask for detailed medical history virtually asking how
>often you cut your toenails to give them an out by saying drug interaction.
>As I pointed out the illogicality of that in my case since humalog had
>worked for 5 years witj no change in meds for 2 years!!!
>Rhoda Martin
>Thanks, a very important point since a number of pumpers have had similar
> problems which seem to have been happening at around the same time. The
> batch I have been using for the last few weeks (obtained in May 2003) is
>due to
>expire in September 2003...
>However, I have had multiple similar episodes, which occur irregularly and
>for which I can't see any pattern, since I started pumping. If anyone else
>experiencing anything which doesn't seem to be a "one-off" then I'd love to
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Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, 
                    but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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