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Re: [IPk] creative infusion sites

Hi Elizabeth

I'm just wondering which areas you do/can use? Tummy, hips, upper buttocks, 
I presume?

I find very high on the thigh (close to the hip crease, mid point - in the 
very front of the leg) works well for me.


At 08:38 PM 21/06/2003, you wrote:

>I'm desperate for some new infusion sites. Arms and thighs are out for me -
>they don't absorb/fall out on me. Has anyone here tried on the breast?? I'm
>looking at the pictures on the website
>(http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/faq/setspots.shtml) but I'm feeling very
>cowardly about sticking that long Silhouette needle into my breast. Tips and
>tricks welcome.
>Also, has anyone used a QuickSet in an unusual place? I'm thinking I might
>brave a QuickSet in my breast. Again, advice and virtual handholding

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