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RE: [IPk] adrenalin and high BGs

I recently took part in a 4 day rowing competition. Training was quite tough
initially but I was sorted once I realised I needed just 10% of my normal
basal level of insulin for an hour before and the 1.5-2h outing. Competing
however was an entirely different kettle of fish. We did a prolonged warm up
for 2h before racing in which I invariably went low (needed 1-2 PACKETS of
fruit pastels!) despite only doing the same as in a normal outing. Then by
the time we finished racing (2km so about 9mins very vigorous exercise) I
was reliable 13-14mmol/l. I didn't find a solution as I really couldn't risk
going hypo during a race, although on the last day of racing I only needed 3
fruit pastels but had to snack before going out (which I hate!). What was
even stranger is that I usually have reasonable hypo symptoms but I am
completely unable to recognise these if I'm nervous. After racing I would
feel low when really I was high. The really bitch is that it isn't something
you can really practice unless you compete loads and even then I think it
takes a lot of guts.
IDDM 7y (yes it's gone up!), 508 6 months

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> so I'm sure it's the adrenalin, even if I
> don't feel stressed at all.
Hi Di,

I agree, you're having an adrenaline rush!  You may not "feel" stressed, and
you may be enjoying yourself thoroughly, but you surely are (anticipation,
 competition, excitement, fear perhaps sometimes, etc) and this will differ
practice games which you and your body see as "normal activity".  (Also
 consider "white coat hypertension" analogy - you may feel calm and happy
your bp
is up.)  I used to have similar experiences when doing competition swimming,
not during practice, and still have on "white coat" days (despite being
On workdays, even when I really don't feel stressed (yes, they do happen
sometimes) I still need double the insulin basals than on non-work days.  On
stressful workdays I need a lot more! :)

If my bg is high/highish before exercise or a "stressful" activity I give
insulin.  Hasn't failed me yet - though I _do_ take your point about scuba
 diving...:) You have to take the plunge. Sorry in view of previous
comment -
it was deliberate..:)

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