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Re: [IPk] adrenalin and high BGs

In a message dated 6/20/2003 5:10:13 PM GMT Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> so I'm sure it's the adrenalin, even if I 
> don't feel stressed at all.
Hi Di,

I agree, you're having an adrenaline rush!  You may not "feel" stressed, and 
you may be enjoying yourself thoroughly, but you surely are (anticipation, 
 competition, excitement, fear perhaps sometimes, etc) and this will differ from
practice games which you and your body see as "normal activity".  (Also 
 consider "white coat hypertension" analogy - you may feel calm and happy but
your bp
is up.)  I used to have similar experiences when doing competition swimming, 
not during practice, and still have on "white coat" days (despite being one).  
On workdays, even when I really don't feel stressed (yes, they do happen 
sometimes) I still need double the insulin basals than on non-work days.  On 
stressful workdays I need a lot more! :)

If my bg is high/highish before exercise or a "stressful" activity I give 
insulin.  Hasn't failed me yet - though I _do_ take your point about scuba 
 diving...:) You have to take the plunge. Sorry in view of previous comment -
it was deliberate..:)

IDDM 30+ years, 508 2+ years
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