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[IPk] adrenalin and high BGs

I'm having a real problem with rocketing BGs when playing in softball matches. 
I play regularly for a softball team and we have matches most Sundays (usually 
two 2-hour matches). When we're practising, my BG drops if I don't have extra 
carbs or lower my basal, as you'd expect. But whenever I play in a match, 
even if I'm totally calm and not at all nervous, my BG shoots through the 
roof by the end of the first game, even if it was on the low side to start 
with and I take no extra carbs or anything. If I then take insulin to bring 
it down, by the end of the 2nd game it's usually dropped like a stone.

In general, it's less strenuous in an actual match than in a practice, but 
there's still a fair bit of exercise (depending how many home runs I hit :-)) 
and I'm terrified to actually take insulin at the start of the game when my 
Bg is lowish or normal, in case it drops me like a stone. Testing halfway 
through doesn't help - either my Bg has already rocketed, or it's not moved 
at all. Given the amount that it shoots up (last week I was 3.5 at 10.30, 5.0 
when we started playing at 11am, and 29.1 by 12.30) I'm not convinced that 
raising my basal would help. I get the same thing - but to a slightly lesser 
extent - at dance competitions, so I'm sure it's the adrenalin, even if I 
don't feel stressed at all.

Any suggestions? keep taking small boluses and keep the lucozade handy?
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