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Re: Frequent dose changes (was Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #431 - high BG's

Jos (and others)
I don't know if the PCT accept the fact that BG's can fluctuate all over the 
place, even though the HBA1c is OK (mine was 6.something last time) as 
 suitability for a pump but my consultant is citing this as a reason, so I'm
 so! I, too, have days where the BG's are constantly high, regardless of lots of
humalog shots. I tend not to increase the glargine as I find it can take 
 anything from a few days to a week to settle on the new dose then it may need
to be
dropped again. Other times, I can get a run of maybe 3 or 4 days with very 
low BG's and no amount of eating or lowering the humalog helps. (This happens 
 despite the weather conditions, although heat does drop my BG so I know to
insulin then). On the low days I have frequent hypos and feel groggy, on the 
high days I feel rotten, too! But then the HBA1c says that the average levels 
are fine, despite 22's and 14's on one day and 1.8's and 3's on another. And 
this on a regular basis.  
I hope for a lot of peoples sake that the people who make the decisions re 
pumps do take this into account.
BW Helen
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