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Re: [IPk] high BGs, ketones etc very long

In a message dated 6/18/2003 10:03:38 PM GMT Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> high bg ( 18-20) in the past 2 months, vvith
> moderate to high ketones

Hi Abi,

Sorry to reply to this late (just catching up on emails) and hopefully you 
are feeling better now, but here goes anyway.

I have had similar problems to you, and if ketones are present it is a devil 
to get the bg down (assuming set is OK - in general if I get ketones the set 
is _not_ OK, but there have been exceptions when the site is absorbing poorly 
for one reason or another, and lots of exercise on top of a high bg is another 
cause.  I have particular problems over lateral abdomen but I have to use it 
because I have so few usable sites).

The real problem is knowing if you need to change the set, I guess - yes, it 
can muck up a day/evening/night, I do sympathise.  You can always give an 
 injection if you're pretty sure the site is OK (if not then it mucks up your
assessment but hey, you might get some sleep).

I found a real difference when I went from normal to "micro" cannula size - 
bgs improved immediately. I would only change if you are getting problems most 
of, rather than some of, the time as you're probably right that they're not to 

If you think absorption is the problem and you'd use different sites for 
injections, then a pump holiday might be a good idea.  I tend to do that 
 occasionally anyway to "rest" my crucial pump sites (I have terrible absorption
in most
parts of my body after 30+ years of IDDM).

Best wishes,

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