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RE: [IPk] high BGs, ketones etc very long


What a time you're having.  Have you got any Novorapid or Actrapid or other
form of medium acting insulin to hand?

If so, it might be worth trying a few units of that by injection and
checking your bgs again.

I was having stuttering hypers until it went totally hyper when I was
developing an allergic reaction to one of the diluents to humalog.

Apparently, according to my DM consultant, this is more likely to occur with
human analogues than animal insulin since the latter are sufficiently
dissimilar to human insulin to avoid this reaction.  How true this is I
can't say.

My brain is pretty mashed this evening, pain killers and antibiotics - not
alcohol :(  So will re-read your post in the morning and see if I can come
up with something vaguely intelligent. :)

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