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Re: [IPk] Confused

Hi Julian,

I'm afraid that I can't respond to your enquiry directly but, because I work
in the Finance Department of a health board, I can perhaps explain what
might have happened.

Depending on exactly what committee met, their decision _may_ have to be
ratified by the Board. That could take another couple of months, depending
on how frequently the Trust's Board meets. If the committee has the
delegated authority to make a binding decision independently of the Board it
will take a little while for the decision to get from the committee
secretariat to the Finance Department. In fact, depending on the wording of
the submission to the board, the secretariat might not know they have to
advise the Finance Department of the decision - they might think they have
done all they have to do by contacting you.

As to your best course of action, I suggest you contact the person who
phoned you in the first place and ask if they have advised the Finance
Department of the decision. Emphasise that these are supplies required on a
daily basis for treating diabetes and a breakdown in communication between
the committee and the Finance Department may be unfortunate to them, but it
is much worse for you. If the Finance Department have been advised I suggest
you phone and ask to speak to the Director of Finance in person. Don't be
fobbed off by comments like "(s)he doesn't take direct calls." If (s)he
isn't available ask to speak to the Deputy Director and emphasise you are
phoning about failure to carry out a committee decision to fund diabetes
supplies. That's the kind of thing that gets results.

If you feel your enquiry isn't being taken seriously at any time, mention 2
letters: MP. It's amazing how attitudes change when these two letters are

Best wishes,

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>  I left a posting a short while ago regarding getting a phone call
> funding had been agreed. There had been a meeting of the PCT executive
> and it was agreed that I fullfilled the criteria and therefore funding was
> agreed. However, when my supplier contacted them on my behalf, to get
> confirmation etc. It was said that they didn't know anything about it. Of
> when you try to chase the trust up about it, the people you need to speak
to are
> never around.
>  I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had this sort of brush with
> PCT staff. How did you eventually get round it? Additionally, how long was
> gap between agreeing to fund and actually funding?
> Thanks
> Julian
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