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RE: [IPk] musing on diet [long] ,varying night time basals

Hi Ainie -

If this is what seems to work for your son and you've observed that it's
related to the time that he eats, then I suspect you're right in what you
think! I think this sort of fine information is both one of the benefits and
curses of a pump: we can know exactly how much insulin our body requires at
half-hourly intervals - amazing, but it takes a lot of testing and figuring
to refine the system.

I'm glad to hear that there's someone else in the world who experiences
something similar to me, even though your son's insulin changes relate to
time rather than total units of insulin per day. Our bodies produce amazing


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dear elizabeth,
I think my 6 yr old son  has similar changing basal insulin needs after
midnight.its interesting that you have correlated this to your total daily
insulin.ive been assuming it to be related to the time he last eats.
generally if he doesnt eat after 6pm his basal requirements are 0.2U up to2
am and then he needs onlt 0.1U up to breakfast.if he last eats before 9pm
then he needs 0.4U up to midnight,then0.3 up to 3 am and then 0.1U. If he
ever eats later than that then the 0.4 has to continue to 3am.
this is something that im not 100% about, but it seems to be, kind of
,working  most of the time just recently. i do check his sugars in the night
because im nervous of these high basals.
also just as you said daytime basals never seem to change.
i was beginning to think this was unique to his age group.
i wonder if anyone else has other strategies for dealing with this.
all the best,
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