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RE: [IPk] musing on diet [long]

Nanette asked:

But I'm also curious - are there any other people out there whose
insulin requirements are so sensitive to blood glucose levels, is this
common or rare??

And Elizabeth replies:

My insulin requirements are sensitive to blood glucose levels, mainly
overnight. For example, ... let me do some math ... one unit usually lowers
my BG 3.3 mmol. If I go to bed high, I have to figure that one unit will
lower my BG 2.2 mmol. Actually, it's the same in the late afternoon, but
that's because my basal rate drops at 4.30 to accomodate me cycling home.
But if my BG is anyway high, I have to have a bolus before cycling home, or
if I'm not cycling, I have to use 2.2 mmol/unit rather than 3.3 mmol/unit.

Here's the really fun thing: my overnight basal needs are completely
dependent on how many units of insulin I've used the previous day. If I use
fewer than 25 units, from midnight I need a total of 12.6 units of basal. If
I use between 25-28 units, I need a total of 12.8 units of basal. If I use
over 28 units, I need to turn my pump up to .8 u/h for as many hours as I
deem appropriate - it depends on when I'm going to bed, what I've eaten
recently, and what time I'll be waking up. My daytime basal needs never

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