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[IPk] Hypos and stroke

I went to see the DSN today as the Diabetologist I normally see is away in 
the States.She wanted to see me as she was concerned about the news of my 
stroke . When I left hospital I was advised to keep my BGs as near normal as 
I could but she stressed that it was important NOT to have hypos as people 
can have `mini strokes' as they recover from hypos maybe lasting a few hrs. 
I note that since my episode I seem less aware of hypos and be as low as 2.2 
without symptoms and then suddenly be aware that if I dont get help quick I 
would lose consciousness. I also notice that the weakness is more prevalent 
when my blood sugar is low . She advised that I keep my sugars more around 
10 until everything settles. Has anyone else heard of this ? Carmel

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