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[IPk] pens

Mary, sorry not to have replied earlier
paranoia in part I suppose in case pump is nicked vvhen left on beach or
sumerged in case of untovvard incident in boat .I suppose I felt it would ( oh
that key is working now...) be less hassle to either leave pump at home or at
least not be in such a panic situation if something did happen. Also I do not
want to be so psychologally dependant on the pump, I dread to think what my
physical or psychological well being would be without it but at the end of the
day it's just a tool to keep me healthy while still having a life. I feel it
may be beneficial to have the choiceof reverting to pen for an evening if I
decide to wear certain outfits which it is hard to hide the pump. To be honest
this has not been a problem for me so far...Yes I think trying without the
pump is definately a psychological thing/ i will just aim to avoid hypos or
extreme highs at first. If I find this a real struggle I will try the bolus/
disonnect method instead
I I eventually upgrade to a DTron obviously I will not have to worry about
going in water but I have noticed it is larger and may be harder to wear with
some clothes and I am not good at sewing.
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