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Re: [IPk] musing on diet [long]

Hi Nanette

I don't think I have the very stringent sensitivity you do, but I 
definitely have to up my boluses by about 30% if my BGs are over 10 and I 
plan to eat anything with carbs. It's a right pain, in my opinion. If I eat 
low or no-carb foods, I can keep my BGs absolutely perfect, but I am loathe 
to do this as carbs are needed to replenish glycogen stores - so I just try 
and cope the best I can whilst still eating carbs (and *always* with 
protein or fat to delay/modify the spike). I tend to be insulin sensitive 
anyway, I only use 22-25units/day when eating carbs, between 12 and 14 if 
not, and my "supposed requirement" is a baseline of 36 units.

I guess "doing the best you can" is all any of us can expect!


At 06:06 PM 12/06/2003, you wrote:

>Dear Pat,
>But I'm also curious - are there any other people out there whose
>insulin requirements are so sensitive to blood glucose levels, is this
>common or rare??

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