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Re: [IPk] pens

In a message dated 6/10/2003 8:36:20 PM GMT Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> thinking of asking for some disposable novorapid pens as I anticipate 
> perhaps
> spending some time on beaches and in and out of sea ( vveather permitting). 
> I
Hi Abi,

Perhaps I'm being a bit dumb here (so what else is new :-) ), but why can't 
 you just stay on the pump? Personally I find having to go back on injections a
pain, as well as the control going haywire.

I've recently got back from Crete (last Fri), where I had no problems 
 whatsoever with the QuickSet (MiniMed) - the sets stayed on (SofSets last year
rolled off in the heat, but Polyskins under the set worked fine then).  Nobody 
noticed them under my bikini, and I simply disconnected for any activity (I 
did lots of swimming and watersports) and then connected back up afterwards.  
 Provided my bg was OK before I started, I didn't need to worry about giving any
insulin to cover the exercise as long as the time off the pump was less than a 
couple of hours.  And even then it was fine to just reconnect, give some 
insulin by pump and then disconnect and go back.  We had a few days when the 
temperature was well over 30 deg C, no problems with the insulin etc as I and 
others who also like the heat have said here before.

Also on this occasion no problems whatsoever with taking pump and equipment 
through airports at either end - Gatwick staff nodded sagely and let me pass, 
though I suspect - and here there may be a difference from the U.S. experience 
- that this was because I told them that I had sharps (needles etc) in my hand 
luggage, and they did appear to look much more thoroughly than they had the 
folk in front of us as our hand luggage was being x-rayed but there was no 

Best wishes for a very enjoyable, relaxing and trouble-free holiday!

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