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[IPk] pens

savv GP today ( registrar ie trainee but nearing end of training)
seemed very competant. decided before hand on actrapid: perhaps a bit daft but
I'm sure it vvill tide me over if I vvant to stay off the pump for a fevv
hours (vvhen I vvent onto humalog before the pump I took humulin I once daily
ie at night and BGs vvould really climb beteen humalog doses esp pms and there
must have been slight residual long acting then, so decided actrapid might be
a better option rather than complicating things by adding in a dose of
insulatard - before NPH etc vvere invented people survived on 4 injections of
soluble insulin per day, I vvonder vvhether frequnecy of complications/ lifde
expectancy etc vvorsened vvhen NPH came into use-( for once or tvvice daily
regimens not basal bolus) could be interesting to see statistcs
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