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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #425 Pens etc.

Hi Abi and all

I'm waiting patiently (not so!!) to get the go ahead to pump from the PCT.
Interested to see you want to use pens on the beach.  If you can't get the
disposables you can proabably get a non disposable pen from your the local
DSN or on prescription and prescribed cartridges and then you've got it
whenever you might want it.  Definately don't go sneaking off to the loo to
inject with a pen, it can be done in a jiffy wherever you are.  I don't know
what effect having your insulin in one dose to cover 4 hours will be but
eating will be much more important than when having a continuous basal rate
or background glargine.

The  only thing about changing to actrapid, which I can understand you
thinking about for it's longer less intense action, I have found that when
I've changed any insulins it's taken a few days to 'settle into my system or
for my body to adapt and control be even.  Hope this makes sense, I've been
on night duty so probably not!!

*Diluting insulin for the pump - just read something about this and wonder
is this something you experienced folks do?  It's not something I've thought
about but I do envisage only needing a basal rate of about 0.2u/h asleep and
maybe only up to 0.4u/h during the day. Do the pumps accuratley deliver such
small amounts and if you do dilute insulin can you tell me what with and
where you get it??   I rather hope that it isn't necessary as it sounds a

Best wishes

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