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[IPk] No problem with airport staff & pump

Hello everyone

Just thought I would tell you that my daughter Danielle and I have just come 
back from Gran Canaria.  She wears an insulin pump and I have syringes and 
 insulin bottles. From others' experiences, I was expecting the alarms to go off
and body searches to reveal the pump and questions galore but there was 
 nothing at all. I was asked the usual questions at check-in like 'have you
sharp in your luggage?' and I told them that I had needles and syringes.  The 
check-in staff said "Ok, medical, that's fine" and on we went.  I was then 
dreading going through the scanners and was relieved to walk through with 
Danielle without a question at all.  In fact, I was sort of excited about them 
 asking us so that I could explain what the pump does, but Danielle was a bit
of being stopped, so I am glad they didn't do that.

Coming back, they were even more lenient as they usually are and nobody even 
knew Danielle was wearing a medical device.

I tell you what though - this is the first time I have been abroad with 
 Danielle on the pump and it was so much easier. It was a simple "Give yourself
units" when she had her meal on the plane and "Give yourself a unit for that 
ice cream" and she was disconnected from the pump a lot of the time on holiday 
because she was in the pool.  Her blood sugar results were perfect because 
she was excercising so much.  When we went away last year, she had to inject 
herself in the plane seat before her meal came.  We were all-inclusive on this 
 holiday as well, so she could please herself when she wanted to eat or drink to
an extent.  The only time she felt a bit different was when the friends she 
made, followed her over to me while she said "Mum, how much should I bolus for 
this hotdog?" and I said "1.5 please" and then her new-found friends asked 
 "What is that?". I remembered Di Maynard saying that she communicated with
through her pump, so I told Danielle to tell her friends that was what she 
did.  After that, they followed her every time to see what the aliens were 
 saying. I had to make up the replies - things like "Well, they said it's too
 in Gran Canaria, so they're not coming". The kids would run off and tell their
parents so I don't know what they thought of me!

So, if anyone is worried about travelling with the pump, don't.

(unless some countries are more strict, but even so, so what?  It's a medical 

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