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Re: [IPk] Re: Freestyle meters

Hi Jackie
yes, the Esprit does chew up the disk if you're not very careful. You need to 
be quite nimble-fingered when you insert it.
I don't know about the new meter, but with the Esprit it tells you how many 
strips are left every time you turn it on. I always carry a spare disk around 
with me (doesn't take up much room) and an emergency one too in my emergency 
kit. Much easier than carrying around a whole tub of strips. 

I shall have to look in Superdrug next time I go to Meadowhell (they don't 
sell meters in any of the Superdrugs or even the quite large Boots in town)

On Tuesday 10 Jun 2003 11:23 am, you wrote:
> Hi Di
>  I dont know which meter is was but I have seen them for sale in SuperDrug.
> I dont like the idea of a
>  meter with a disk and I worry about it being empty and us not realising
> it. Can you tell when there only
>  a couple of strips left in the disk? I was sent an Esprite but the thing
> didnt work very well and kept
> chewing up the disk.  Maybe its just me being careless.
> Jackie Mum of Sasha now on MDI but keeps forgetting her lunchtime jab!
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