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RE: [IPk] Re: Freestyle meters

Hi Di

 I dont know which meter is was but I have seen them for sale in SuperDrug. I
dont like the idea of a
 meter with a disk and I worry about it being empty and us not realising it. Can
you tell when there only
 a couple of strips left in the disk? I was sent an Esprite but the thing didnt
work very well and kept
chewing up the disk.  Maybe its just me being careless.

Jackie Mum of Sasha now on MDI but keeps forgetting her lunchtime jab!

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 > On the subject of meters, I just saw an advert on ITV this morning for a
> (first one I've ever seen on TV in the UK). I've now forgotten which meter it
> was, but I was struck because it has 17 strips in a disk inside the meter
> apparently (17 sounds like a weird number, but there you go....). Until now
> the only meter with strips preloaded was the Esprit (which I love for that
> very reason). Anyone know anything more about this meter?
 > Also they said it only cost something like #10 from chemists (you can tell
> awake I was because it's all a bit hazy, but I remember thinking it was very
> cheap!)
> Di
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