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Freestyle meters was RE: [IPk] sickness and playing with basals

Hi ainie

 I thought I might try and get a Freestyle from our clinic to test on arm and
legs. Sasha has a Medisense
 Softsense but we have so many errors of "not enough blood" that we have stopped
using it. Recently we
 got a One Touch Ultra that I find is really good and accurate but although I
can get it to work on MY arm
 I just cannot get enough blood from Sasha arm to test. Do you find you can get
enough blood from your
son when you use it on alternative sites to fingers?

Mum of Sasha aged 9
Now on MDI

> i wonder if you know there are glucometers that allow use of blood fromsites
> other than fingers such as arms and legs.i use the freestyle meter from
> therasense for my 6 yr old diabetic son. it requires only 0.3 microlitres of
> blood which very tiny. just thought it might help your sore fingers. all the
> best.
> ainie
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