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homoeopaths was RE: [IPk] Insulin antibodies and tape allergy

Rhoda mentioned that she attended a homoeopath on the NHS. Many people
aren't aware that homoeopathy _is_ available on the NHS. If you're unhappy
with the current state of things, by all means ask for a referral from your

Just a few dos and don'ts:

1. make sure your homoeopath is licensed - if you ask for a referral via
your doc/NHS, this shouldn't be a problem.
2. if you aren't happy/comfortable with your homoeopath, change! It's the
same as with conventional doctors - if you don't like them, change them!
3. if you have questions about your treatment, ask! If your homoeopath won't
answer your questions satisfactorily (or any health worker won't), see 2.
4. if someone refuses to treat you because you are on x/y/z and insists you
stop taking x/y/z, see 2. above.
5. if you can't get a homoeopath or other practitioner on the NHS in your
area but you still want to try it out, contact the societies or schools for
referrals. Schools run clinics that are supervised by licensed
practitioners - you get the benefit of their experience at a reduced cost.
Don't ask me for the list of societies in the UK - there are four or five!
There's also a council of all the homoeopathy societies, and you can try
them. Use your internet to find more details. If you are in Northern
Ireland, you can also contact the Irish Society of Homoeopaths
(email @ redacted) for details.

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