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Re: [IPk] What Am I Entitled to Be Told

Hi Julian
First of all regarding the laser treatment - yes, it is perfectly normal to
have reduced vision, funny spots in your eyes etc. for a few days after the
treatment. They should have told you that.
If you don't have laser treatment in good time on your eyes, then the damage
can progress very quickly, so it's important not to postpone appointments
for too long (though it's not always important to have the laser done

As for the other complications - I've been told on and off that I have nerve
damage - some doctors seem to think I have, and some seem to think I'm
perfectly fine!  The thing is that you can have some slight damage to the
nerves but a doctor won't necessary classify it as actual  neuropathy - or
tell you about it  (but some doctors will call even the first signs of
damage neuropathy) so that's probably why that's the first time you've heard
about it.
Hope that helps
PS The one most important thing at this stage is to make sure your BP is
normal (as well as your BGs, which goes without saying). If you're not on an
ACE inhibitor by now you probably should be. The good news is that the onset
of this kind of complication doesn't necessarily mean any of them are going
to get worse.
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> Hi
>  I am concerned to find out "by chance" the diabetic complications that I
> currently have.
>  When I went for my laser treatment last week the Doctor told me that if I
> hadn't gone for it then my sight would have been seriously affected within
> couple of weeks. He also mentioned "I see you have peripheral neuropathy,
> microalbuninuria." I've suspected Neuopathy for a few years but no one has
> me that I actually had it. I do attend my doctors regularly.
>  Finally a few days agter laser treatment is it normal to have reduced
> and see teh horse shoe shapes of the laser site when blinking.
> End of moan
> Thanks
> Julian
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