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RE: [IPk] Insulin antibodies and tape allergy


You've probably tried everything I'm going to say, but you never know...so I
hope you won't think I'm being condesending.

No way, Mary. Thanks for all that.  Sadly Quicksets don't seem to work for
me.  At least they didn't before.  I may still have one or two so could try
them again.

Last night I gave up after 36 hours and changed set again!  Sorry NHS for
using all these resources!  I used a SofSet with the extra film underneath
it.  12 hours on and no rash!

Yes, please, I'd love to try a few Kendall Polyskin 2.  I'll send you my
details off-list.

I have 1% hydrocortisone cream as standby but the doc is not keen on me
using it as I seem to develop rashes/allergic rashes so readily.

 You should also use
clean skin which looks and feels normal beforehand.

[RCM] I've tried that but somehow my skin seems to fool me <g>

It also might be worth changing your antihistamines now and then.

[RCM] Good point.  I've been on my current one for a couple of years.

 (I am allergic to cat fur but I can't bear to be parted from our cats).

[RCM] Totally agree - coming from another cat lover but thankfully not
allergic to their fur or dander.

I guess this isn't very much help, but just maybe...

[RCM] It, is. Thank you so much.

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