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Re: [IPk] Insulin antibodies and tape allergy

In a message dated 6/7/2003 10:52:44 AM GMT Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> My tape allergy is worsening.  I've been using Tegaderm underneath the
> cannula-tape.  Within hours of putting on the Tegaderm I not only develop
> irritation but also blisters.
> I'm sticking it out for 48 hours - at the moment but am struggling.
> Tea Tree oil is okay after the event but any suggestions to prevent the
> blistering/rash/eczema occurring in the first place?
> Also tried the tape strips that come from Minimed and mefilm with similar
> results but no blistering - yet!
> Permanently on antihistamines.  Also use Oilatum Gel at end of shower,
> aqueous cream, and Eumovate.
Hi Rhoda,

So sorry to hear of your problems.  You're one of life's "hyperallergic" folk 
(I'm one too, runs in the family, so I do have some understanding of what 
you're going through).

You've probably tried everything I'm going to say, but you never know...so I 
hope you won't think I'm being condesending.

Sometimes the allergy isn't coming from the assumed source.  I had a very 
 well localised and distressing allergic rash around my neck only a few weeks
- you'd have thought it was from a pendant or necklace, but I seldom wear 
 these or similar and hadn't for months. The source turned out to be the shampoo
I'd been using for donkey's years. My mum also had a very embarrassing rash 
caused by "Deep Heat" spray - when I asked about products she'd been using she 
just never thought to mention this...  I use these as examples because while 
 it's true that if the rash is localised it's most likely to be due to something
used in that area - so rash etc localised to the site / tape distribution is 
 likely to be caused by those products - it isn't always so, and it sounds as if
you're so desperate that it just might be worth considering that possibility.  
Are you using anything else on those areas first which might exacerbate (if 
not cause) the problem?  

I can't remember which products you use...but I have had really good results 
with Medtronic's Quickset (had some trouble with SofSet adhesive), Micropore 
 is a bit dodgy for me. I don't have any trouble with Kendall Polyskin 2, which
you can use under the set and also cut up if needed (I bought loads for this 
year's holiday and didn't need them, if you'd like some of them you are very 
welcome).  On a _short term_ basis, you could also try using 1% hydrocortisone 
cream on the skin.  Sometimes if you have an emerging allergy that will "head 
it off at the pass" - but it isn't a long term solution. You should also use 
clean skin which looks and feels normal beforehand.

It also might be worth changing your antihistamines now and then.  I have 
 become tolerant to Piriteze and need to use others to get the same effect (I am
allergic to cat fur but I can't bear to be parted from our cats).

I guess this isn't very much help, but just maybe...

Best wishes,

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