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Re: [IPk] Insulin antibodies and tape allergy

Hi Rhoda
Can't offer any advice, but glad that at least you've got the Humalog and
high BGs problem sorted. That must be a great relief!

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Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2003 10:53 AM
Subject: [IPk] Insulin antibodies and tape allergy

> The bad penny again !
> The problem I thought was with bad insulin is in fact that I have
> antibodies either to humalog itself or more probably one or more of its
> diluents!  Believe me it's been an exhausting and draining few weeks with
> bgs ranging up to 27 mmol/l and humalog doses up from 30 - 40u per day to
> almost 100 + lantus,
> Since I only had lantus or insulatard here I went to A&E and eventually
> managed to get some Actrapid from them.  They wanted to admit me but I
> them to try the Actrapid first.  6 units of Actrapid and 40 mins later the
> bgs had started to fall.  So I went home with that insulin and saw the DSN
> next morning.  She gave me a letter to get a prescription for NovoRapid
> my GP and after demonstrating the pump to a new GP in the practice, he
> me the rx and 36 hours later it started to kick in and has worked normally
> since then.  I never thought to say how good it was to have a hypo but it
> was when the NovoRapid kicked in!
> Hospital pharmacist hadn't come across this nor local one.  Surely it's
> as rare as all that for someone to develop antibodies to an insulin or its
> diluent?
> I started Humalog in 1997 so am hoping I do not develop antibodies to
> NovoRapid or its diluents.
> My tape allergy is worsening.  I've been using Tegaderm underneath the
> cannula-tape.  Within hours of putting on the Tegaderm I not only develop
> irritation but also blisters.
> I'm sticking it out for 48 hours - at the moment but am struggling.
> Tea Tree oil is okay after the event but any suggestions to prevent the
> blistering/rash/eczema occurring in the first place?
> Also tried the tape strips that come from Minimed and mefilm with similar
> results but no blistering - yet!
> Permanently on antihistamines.  Also use Oilatum Gel at end of shower,
> aqueous cream, and Eumovate.
> If only my body would read the textbooks and be boring!!!
> Rhoda Martin
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