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RE: [IPk] Funding

Dear John
I received a letter today from Gwynedd Local Health Board re: pump
therapy, it states " the Local Health Board is waiting a response from
North Wales Trust to our letter of 3rd April regarding this matter, The
Board is actively pursuing this matter.
I can assure you that it is custom for patients receiving treatment
instigated under the auspices of the Trust to maintain that treatment
from the Trust until such time as management of this aspect of the
diabetes service has been reviewed by what is now the Local Health Board
and agreed Trust. At that stage, either the Local Health Board or the
Trust will avail you of any changes to the management of this service".
I had written quite a lengthy letter outlining my problems and how the
trial that I am now doing has improved my life and BS.
Can you translate what they are saying into plain English?

Joyce Jones

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I will be discussing insulin pumps (at the request of Diabetes UK) with
All Party Parliamentary Group for diabetes at the House of Commons on
Tuesday 10th June,

To those of you who are having problems with your PCT's regarding
funding. I
would like to hear of any instances of PCT's refusing to fund pumps. If
can provide documentary evidence, so much the better. In fact I would
details of any decision by the PCT's which has been responsible for you
receiving either a pump and or, funding and would like your replies as
soon as
possible so that I may incorporate them in my presentation.

If there are any other points you would like me to raise, please let me
I have already included the question of test strips! So anything else?

To those engaged in negotiations with your PCT, Please note the
following and
don't take no for an answer, especially if you have the backing of your
diabetes team.

John Davis


Do NHS organisations have to find funding to follow NICE Guidance?

Under clinical governance arrangements, NHS organisations in England and
have to take all NICE guidance into account. In January 2002 the
announced a statutory obligation for the NHS in England and Wales to
funding for treatments and drugs recommended by NICE as a part of its
technology appraisals work programme, but only if considered appropriate
the clinician and patient. Those responsible for providing healthcare
are now responsible for making funds available to support NICE appraisal
guidance within 3 months unless there are special factors relating to
particular appraisals which mean that full implementation may take

Do health professionals have to follow NICE's decision?

Once NICE guidance is published, health professionals are expected to
take it
fully into account when exercising their clinical judgement. However,
guidance does not override the individual responsibility of health
professionals to make decisions appropriate to the circumstances of the
individual patient, in consultation with the patient and/or their
guardian or
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