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RE: [IPk] orthostatic hypotension

Hi Helen,
Sorry if someone has already said this (I haven't read all the e-mails
recently), but this sort of thing can be made worse by dehydration. The past
couple of weeks have been really warm so perhaps drinking more may help?
Best wishes,

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Thanks Abbi
I actually tried my 'flight socks' today to see if they helped. Seemed to
when I managed to bear them being on. You are right, though, they are NOT
comfortable in this heat! Couldn't be doing with wearing them all the time.
As far as this being part of neuropathy, it does worry me, although I don't
have any other type of complications. I have always had low BP; my dad does
too. It's just weird it's got worse this last couple of weeks. Before it was
 every so often. Now its all the time. I nearly fell down stairs this
 comes on a few seconds after standing). I'll try and stand more slowly I
It is a real nuisance, though, and does make me feel lousy and nauseous,
with headaches. My thyroid is underactive but I have thyroxine for that and
the last test was within normal limits. Just wish there was something they
could do about it!
Thanks everyone.
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