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Re: [IPk] Help needed - dizziness?

Thanks for the replies on the above. I went to the docs this afternoon. He 
tested my BP on sitting, 120/70, (It's usually lower than that, around 
 118/60...I was nervous being at the docs)! Then direcetly afterwards on
standing up
 (when I actually didn't go dizzy for a change...hadn't been sat long enough?)
had dropped to 105/50! So, dx of postural hypotension. He said not a lot (in 
fact, nothing) they can actually do for this. He didn't think it was due to 
neuropathy, though, as it wouldn't settle on sitting again, plus I don't have 
 any other symptoms like leg pain, foot numbness, etc. May have come on suddenly
(or worsened as I've always had it to a degree), due to the warmer weather. 
There's a price for everything! 
It's just sooo annoying and makes me feel lousy all the time.
At least it's nothing serious.
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