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Re: [IPk] Help needed - dizziness?

Hi Helen (again!)

I have also started having this specific symptom (orthostatic hypotension) 
over the last 9mths, despite a long time problem with hypertension (and in 
some time, requirement of dialysis/transplant). Apparently it is quite 
common in long term diabetics and is a sign of autonomic neuropathy 
(another joy), confirmed by my endocrinologist in me, in April.

There is a useful site at 

Fairly medico-intensive, but very very comprehensive.

Of course, you may have other causes too .. ask a doc, maybe? But bear this 
in mind.

Tori (39 in oct, dm 35yrs in aug, pumping 25yrs minus 7yrs on MDI; 95-02)

At 08:43 PM 2/06/2003, you wrote:
>Just needed a bit of advice/help with a problem that has arisen in the last
>  couple of weeks. I wondered if anyone on here has had anything similar 
> to this.
>(I'm worried it could indicate neuropathy).
>You know how sometimes get dizzy/lightheaded/fuzzy on standing up too
>  quickly? Over the last couple of weeks, this has been happening alot and has
>more than nuisance factor. Each time I stand up, sometimes not as soon as I
>stand but a few seconds after, everything goes fuzzy. (I often get a 
>too). It's worse when I bend down, say looking at something on the beach with
>the children. This isn't the same type of dizziness you get with vertigo when
>  everything spins (had that)! And it's never happened like this before. Eye
>fine. Last diabetes check fine.
>My BP is always on the low side but as the docs say this is good rather than
>bad. I'm going to see the doc as this is getting out of hand and is affecting
>what I do day to day. But as I say, I heard that neuropathy can cause this 
>to pooling of the blood in the legs. This worries me! Would this come on
>suddenly like this?
>Any advice/ info gratefully received. Thanks.
>Helen (37, Type 1 29 years...on the way to getting a pump)??!

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