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[IPk] Help needed - dizziness?

Just needed a bit of advice/help with a problem that has arisen in the last 
 couple of weeks. I wondered if anyone on here has had anything similar to this.
(I'm worried it could indicate neuropathy).

You know how sometimes get dizzy/lightheaded/fuzzy on standing up too 
 quickly? Over the last couple of weeks, this has been happening alot and has
more than nuisance factor. Each time I stand up, sometimes not as soon as I 
stand but a few seconds after, everything goes fuzzy. (I often get a headache, 
too). It's worse when I bend down, say looking at something on the beach with 
the children. This isn't the same type of dizziness you get with vertigo when 
 everything spins (had that)! And it's never happened like this before. Eye
fine. Last diabetes check fine.

My BP is always on the low side but as the docs say this is good rather than 
bad. I'm going to see the doc as this is getting out of hand and is affecting 
what I do day to day. But as I say, I heard that neuropathy can cause this due 
to pooling of the blood in the legs. This worries me! Would this come on 
suddenly like this?

Any advice/ info gratefully received. Thanks.
Helen (37, Type 1 29 years...on the way to getting a pump)??! 
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