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Re: [IPk] Which finger pricking devices?

I realise I'm contributing to this thread very very late... but I've found 
the Accu-check Softclix to be the best ever lancing device out there. I 
even wrote a review about it outlining why I think that, which you can read 
at http://www.hypostasis.info/products/softclix.asp (incidentally most 
members of the site there agree it is the best one available, you can see 
some of their thoughts 



More info on the Softclix is available at 
http://www.equitron.com/english/products/roche/accu-check.htm (bottom of 
the page).



At 11:15 PM 30/05/2003, you wrote:

>I have been very happy with the Becton-Dickinson (BD) brand Lancet Device 
>(they could have come up with a nicer name, huh?) that has a dial on it 
>for depth control. I found that the Penlet Ultra tended not to hold the 
>depth setting I wanted and slipped from 3 (my normal depth) to 9 a few too 
>many times for my liking! OUCH. Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find 
>that the BD Lancet Device seems to be more sturdy and stable than the 
>Penlet Ultra. I am not sure how to describe the difference in words, but 
>trust me, the BD Lancet Device was well worth whatever I paid for it (I 
>think it was GBP 12 at Boots. FYI, it had to be ordered for me and took a 
>couple of days to come in, but it was worth the wait). See 
>http://www.bddiabetes.com/us/product/lancet_device.jsp for picture and the 
>product description.

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