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Re: [IPk] musing on diet [long]

Hi Nanette,

Do you use a 508?  One of the problems I have with it is that it doesn't
allow multiple dual-action or square-action boluses. So unless snacks
are very high % CHO (over 60%), it's impossible to get such a good match
of insulin to carbs as with the first.

That, and the difficulty I sometime have in guessing how much I'm
grabbing in 'a handful', are my causes of poorer bgs with snacking.

I also find that a traditionally 'unhealthy' diet (i.e. one with a
relatively small level of calories from carbohydrates) is easier to
balance than one with the traditionally 'healthy' high level of calories
from carbohydrates (60% or so).  This is because even humalog acts slow
in me, and I digest at a normal or slightly fast rate.  

The information you provided about your current diet (or the past one)
isn't enough to see what you have done: I would need to know previous
total calories, and percentage from CHO, and current total calories, and
percentage from CHO to see what was happening.  You appear to be saying
that you are reducing calories, reducing percentage from CHO, and
reducing percentage from saturated fat. You imply, therefore, increasing
percentages from protein, unsaturated fat, or alcohol, or a mix of the

It seems that maybe Humalog acts too slow for you, too .... (but I can't
be at all confident about that without the diet breakdown).  Any
thoughts from anyone about how to get a faster acting insulin?  I think
a continuos bg monitor would help, as then I could see exactly when in
the half-hour up to a planned eating time it was safe to bolus.  As it
is, it tends to be only as I start eating, as if my bgs are on target,
any earlier drives me hypo as I'm eating.  Particularly if I get
distracted and talk a lot!

I don't know whether that's any food for thought - oh, nearly forgot: if
you are not squeamish about 'eating bambi's mother', try switching from
beef to venison: a) it's got less saturated fat, and b), it's far more
satisfying - a 4oz venison burger is equivalent to a 8oz beefburger, 2
venison sausages to 3 pork sausages, etc.  It's just a shame that game
birds don't have the same advantage over blah chicken!

Best wishes,

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, 
                    but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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