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Re: [IPk] Re: Type 2 and obesity

Hi Nanette, I'm with Melissa: I know MODY as 'mature onset diabetes in
the Young' - I.e. type 2 in young people.

Perhaps it stands for something else, too?  These are the synonyms I

Type 1
Youth onset, young onset, insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, severe
diabetes, juvenile diabetes

Type 2
Mature onset, non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, mild diabetes,
mature diabetes

Best wishes,


In message <email @ redacted>, Nanette
Chana Freedman <email @ redacted> writes
>> In the US it used to be thought that African-Americans, Hispanic
>> Americans, 
>> and others of non-white racial background were at greater risk for
>> type 2 
>> because of purely genetic factors. However, the increasing incidence
>> of MODY 
>> (maturity-onset diabetes of the young, a term now going out of use
>> because 
>> type 2 is getting common enough among young people that its
>> 'unusualness' is 
>> decreasing) among black teenagers sparked some more research.
>I appreciate your fund of wisdom and experience much of the time, but I
>think there is an error here. To the best of my knowledge, the term
>MODY is used for people who develop 'diabetes of the young' i.e. type 1
>diabetes at a more than usually mature age, not for people who develop
>type 2 at an unusually (now less unusually, as you point out) age.
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