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[IPk] musing on diet [long]

Apologies in advance for the length - I'm trying to work this out.
I've always had the philosophy, I think shared by many others on the
list, that the pump is such a great tool because it enables one to eat
and drink what one wants when one wants, rather than being tied to more
rigid timing and content of diet.

A week and a half ago I went for my annual check-up to the
endocrinologist, armed with results of blood tests, blood glucose
charts including some nice Excel plots etc. He told me, very nicely,
what I really knew already, that my blood glucose control had been
lousy the last couple of months, and in addition to this he noted that
my cholesterol was high - would have been borderline high, but the
criteria for diabetics are stricter - fair enough. This thoroughly
freaked me out, partly because both my grandfathers (one type 1 and one
type 2) died of heart diseased a couple of years before I was born - I
hope and pray to be around for my grandchildren. He also asked about my
weight - it has gone up - not drastically (I don't think he was just
being polite by asking rather than noticing) but enough for some of my
clothes not to fit so comfortably. 

We brainstormed about what to do.He suggested I take medication to
reduce my cholesterol. I said I would prefer to try lowering it by
modifying my diet - he suggested I give it a try for 2 months, and not
feel guilty if it doesn't go down much by diet alone, because this is
often the case. We then went over what I could do about blood glucose
control (what really messes things up is when I snack generously during
the evenings and weekends). 

The bottom line is that I decided to modify my diet at least for the
two months, to achieve the three objectives, lowering cholesterol,
improving blood glucose control, and reducing weight. 

So here I am for the last 11 days, eating really carefully (not in
terms of timing of meals, which is as erratic as ever, but in terms of
food content - low in cholesterol and saturated fats, moderate
carbohydrates at meals, no snacking) - and feeling well on it, at least
for the moment. I worry about how long my willpower will last (and at
what emotional cost), but figure that since there are 3 important
objectives, hopefully this will keep me going. 

My basal insulin requirements have gone down noticeably (I still have
to sort this out a bit more to avoid too many hypos), and my blood
glucose levels are really good, with just the occasional high value.
But, forgetting about the cholesterol and weight issues, this whole
thing runs counter to my thinking about diabetes - I would have liked
to believe that I could achieve as good control eating a higher
carbohydrate diet, snacks and all, if I just bolus accurately. The
reality, I must admit, looks otherwise. It seems that, at least for me,
eating a lower carbohydrate diet, and perhaps generally eating somewhat
less, enables me to have much better blood glucose control. 

I don't like the implications of this at all.
Is this other people's experience too?? Am I just going through another
iteration of coming to terms with diabetes (it's now five and half
years since it began)??


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