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Re: [IPk] Re:BBC article

Maybe I was jumping the gun a bit here. But the way I read it, the article
stated that new thinking was needed about pregnancy in type 1's to stem the
'epidemic' of type 2. We already know that BG's have to be good, etc., so
not 'new'. It said, "Experts believe that while further research is needed the
findings could lead to changes in the medical advice given to diabetic women
who are planning to have children". I'd like to know exactly what that advice
would be. Sorry for being pessimistic, but through past experiences there is
that style of thinking among some people.

It's not the first time that this has been said. I used to work in a unit and
although the majority of people were clear thinking, up to date individuals,
(doctors, nurses, etc), there were a minority, (and I mean a minority, but
nevertheless they were there, some quite senior, and had a say in 'what goes')
who believed that pregnancy should not, on any account, be 'allowed' in anyone
with a 'disability', which included diabetes, amongst other things, in case
there were problems, which would cost the NHS ######, or the condition was
on, again costing ######. I was amazed that there were people with this view.
And they weren't all older people who may have been a little out of date with
their thinking, but often younger students, too. I know there's always a few
people in whatever profession and we can't change that. I lost count of the
times I was asked during my own pregnancy if I was sure I should 'be pregnant'
and was I doing the 'right thing'. As I say, out of date but there!

Interestingly, I've since looked at the Lancet site with the full report on.
It seems the BBC have used a fair bit of 'poetic licence' in this report!
Maybe I'm upset as I feel, rightly or wrongly, that they are 'blaming' the
again for the problems the children develop. I too wish they would develop a
cure or even a prevention for type 1 as well as type 2. There seems to be a
lot of research going on out there, but not a lot happening?!

Take care
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