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[IPk] Re: How Stupid can you get???


I empathise with this situation.  It is oddly worrying when you are about to 
give a large half dose of insulin and your sugars are alreay perfect.  I 
have been in this situation and it then becomes confusing how much of the 
remaining dose to give.  I would say points to consider are:

- were your blood sugars low, or on their way down when you ate the 

- what type of carbohrdates/protein were you munching on?

   When I eat Mcdonalds I have a couple of Burgers and have to dose 6 units 
for these, often split into two.  The white bun and ketchup whacks up the BG 
quickly, while the fat in the burger levels this off.  I presume you weren't 
indulging in a large shake....  these are death for me in terms of BG!

-  The very high fat/protein content of many McDonalds could mean that your 
blood sugars will rise over a period of hours.  This suggests that you could 
try an extended bolus (as oppose to splitting the dose between two standard 

- levels of activity before and during your McDonalds (may sound funny as I 
am sure you were not playing football whilst eating, but that walk to lunch 
in the heat can mean I need less insulin).

- insulin action: the insulin may still be working.  I find that the Humalog 
action is finished in me after 3.5 hours, with a peak in the last hour!(be 

I hope this is of some help......



I've just done something really stupid.  I had a Mcdonalds totalling 90g
of carbs.  At this time of day that would mean taking 12 units of
insulin.  I took six when I started and I forgot about the other until
just now (about 90 mins later) I put the additional six units in.  Then
I took my blood expecting it to be real high.  in fact it was a perfect
6.1.  Does Mcdonalds type stuff take a while to go through the system
and things should be ok or should I eatr some more carbs?  I'll take my
blood every half hour fora couple of hours to be safe.  What a fool I am
:)  maybe this is a lesson learned.  Check before correcting!!!



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